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torsdag 21. juli 2011

Tips for Google+

  • In Circles you can choose/mark/highlight several persons simultaneously by clicking one by one, or by marking an area with the mouse (left button). Unfortunately, Ctrl+A is not an option. Instead, click 'More actions' in the upper right corner >> 'Select all' 
  • + or @ in front of a name will tag that specific preson. 
  • * [star] before and after a word makes it bold, - [minus] gives you strikethrough, and _ [underscore] gives you italic text
  • Take your time on Account settings. Click on the gears in the upper right corner. Here you can have a preview and see how your profile looks to other people.


(Google Takeout allows you to download a copy of your data stored within Google products!!!) 

Use them! 
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For skandinavere 

Her er 10 triks i Google+ 

Nordens datatilsyn krever svar fra Facebook 
Erklærer Facebooks ansiktsgjenkjenning ulovlig 
Nå kan du få betalt av Facebook 

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